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    USBѾͧ!! 120ҷ EMS samsung/sony/asus/htc/lenovo..

    USBѾͶ Lenovo ͧ!!70ҷ ѺкAndroid
    ջѭͧ쨪 ͹
    :Lenovo :CD-10 ͧѺ:5.
    -㹶ѡǴЩǹա鹡ѹѭҳúǹСѹ¢ Ҵ
    ҤҪ:120ҷ 觿EMS
    ʹ㨵Դͷҧ ID Line:yoouyoot ͷҧFacebook:www.facebook.com/chaiyootdigital
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    Re: USBѾͧ!! 120ҷ EMS samsung/sony/asus/htc/lenovo..

    ҵҰҹ awg24ͧ ҤҶ١ 觿 ջѭҪ
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