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    ٻ¨ ʵŹش ͧ 16Ẻѡ Ŵ http://www.thailife.com/ Ͷ line://shop/detail/3647

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    Once upon a time, Barcelona were held up as the model to SBOBET follow in football. Their dedication to an IBCBET ambitious style of play, the influence of a revolutionary manager and an ź unrivalled trophy haul led to admiration well beyond the shores of Catalonia. These days, though, they dominate headlines for very different reasons. Performances on the pitch are no longer up to the ᷧ͹Ź standards of old, the trophies are starting to dry up, a transfer ban will stop them signing players until 2016, and in-fighting has led to early elections. To cap it all, there is even talk that Lionel Messi might want to leave.


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