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    Lightbulb ˹Ҩൡ 䧴 oppo yoyo ??

    ¹˹ Ҥ ^_^

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    Re: ˹Ҩൡ 䧴 oppo yoyo ??

    Here's a good hand to start with. Suppose GOLDCLUBSLOT we have KsJsTs4s4d. In this situation, a lot of people are going to want to go with the flush draw because they are taught that flush draws are GCLUBSLOT better than low pairs from their study of Jacks or Better. That much is correct in this hand because even though the value of flushes has ͵ dropped a little, it's still better to keep the flush draw over the low pair, GALAXYSLOT and this is an important lesson to know for this game. However, it's not the only lesson to ͵͹Ź draw from this particular hand.


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