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    Դǫا 礫 䫵 㹧ҹThailand Mobile Expo 2012

    Ԫ þе ͧиҹ áԨäҤ ѷ «ا ŤùԤ ӡѴ ѧҡʺ稡ѺԴǫا硫 ٫տ䫵 ا 礫 3 䫵 (Samsung Galaxy S III Society) ա ا 礫 3 Ҩ źԵ кؤŷժ§Ңҵҧ ǡѹԴ繤ٹԵաš Դ Ţ ʹſ ֧Ѿഷù Դú͡¡ٹԵҡ ѧ͵ͺѺʤçش شاԴ ا 礫 䫵 (Samsung Galaxy Society) ͺѧا 礫 駵С Ҩ ⿹ 纫ռ繨ӹǹҡǻ ԭǹΌا 礫Ҫԡͧ ا 礫 䫵 ¨Դ硤٫տ 䫵͹ѺҪԡá㹧ҹŹ 硫 2012 ӷ - ֧ӤԴҧš͹Ź ҷ ͫ Ԫ Ѫ ҸԻ Ҫԡ ا 礫 䫵 оѺԨش੾Ҫԡ硫٫տ ҹ鹔

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    Re: Դǫا 礫 䫵 㹧ҹThailand Mobile Expo 2012

    ͧ ҡ


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