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    HTC Sansation XL ͧٹ True ػóú¡ͧҾҧ

    ++ŴҤ++ HTC Sansation XL ͧٹ True СѹǶ֧Ҥ 56 ٿѧ Beat Audio 3G ء ػóú¡ͧ ҾҧҤ ջѭ ʵʹ Դѹ ͧ Ы HTC One X Ǥ 20,500 ҷ 15,000 ҷ HTC ա 690 ҷ ʹ 0894812876 訵بѡ Ѵ͵ö俿ҧþԹҤ
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