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    Unhappy iPhone ͧ Jailbreak ͵ iTunes зӡ Backup ¤Ѻ


    ѹ;ҧѺ..;Ŵҡ cydia


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    Ѻ Restore 仢 App ŧѧ ૿ҧ ҹ

    ǹ Apps ҡ Cydia Ҿǡ繾ǡ Tweak Theme Ҩ㹵ͧ

    Apps ŴҨҡ Installous

    ŧ Appsync 蹢ͧ iOS Ѻ

    Appsync Ŵ Cydia

    Դ Restore ФѺѺͧ͹ ͧ Jailbreak աͺ֧Ѻ


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