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    ԸѾŴԴ ٷٻ ҹ E-mail ^^

    Ѻ͹ smart phone ҡ ѾŴ Դ ѧ Youtube
    ѹй Ը дǡ ҡ 㹡ѾŴ
    ͧ; ҡ
    § еͧ mango ǹФѺ Nodo ѾŴԴ

    ͹ Ҩеͧ áѹ硹 觡ҡ

    áҡ PC notebook ǻ youtube ͤԹ ͤҹͧҡ͹Ѻ

    ҡҨ Һ դ ѾŴ ԡ

    ˹ҶѴ ҡ ԡ价 "駤"

    ҹҡ email Ҩö ѾŴ Դͧ͢
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    Re: ԸѾŴԴ ٷٻ ҹ E-mail ^^

    ҵͧѾŴ Դ ҡ windows phone ҡ
    ٻҾ͡ Դ ǡ硴 share ҹ e mail ǡ 价 ͧ Youtube
    ѾŴҨѺͺѺ º

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    Re: ԸѾŴԴ ٷٻ ҹ E-mail ^^

    ͺسŷѹ¹Ф ѹ繻ª Ѻѹҡ¤



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