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    Wink « Ͷ Tablet ҡ dtac shop online ͹ŹҧҺ?

    ҡ⿹ 5s ҡ絤Ѻ ѹ١Ңҧ͡ ʹ dtac online store >>> http://store.dtac.co.th/
    ҡͧ֡ ¤ԴѹͶ͡ Shop online յǵҤѺ
    ҧҡҶѹԴջѭҢ ҹҨʴѺԴͺФѺ (ps.͢蹡ҹФѺ)

    ҡͧҶ ͹ Ҥ˹«ػó硷͹ԡҡᷤ͹Ź ҧѺ ջʺóҧúҧ
    ͨҡ˹֧д, ١ йͶͤѺ

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