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เห็นในเว็บมีรีวิวเกมส์ เผื่อใครหาเกมไม่ได้มาโหลดที่นี่กันได้เลยจ้า

PewPew 2 v1.6.2


You've been waiting for this, the sequel of PewPew (1million+ downloads) is there!
In 11 words, PewPew 2 is a the best multidirectional shoot them on Android. Prove me wrong.
Expect retro graphics, megatons of enemies, and a frame rate achieved by no other game (except PewPew).

There are seven game modes, a campaign with 3 levels of difficulties so even the weakes... *AHEM*
So even the strongest of you will have some challenge!

And then there are the new un-lockable ships and the new music (downloadable for free at http://onurmusic.com/pewpewost/).
Speaking of music, the arenas now react to the music! When will this madness stop you ask?
More content is on the way!


And now, a more boring list of the features:
-private information sharing with several companies, because we *care* about you.
-targeted advertising, so that you aren't disturbed by useless ads.
-a deep story with drama, romance, and mystery.
-crops to grow and birds to throw, to keep in touch with nature

Wait. That was a list of what's not included. Here we go:
-7 games modes (2 of which must be unlocked)
-5 unlockable ships with offensive defense (bullets shot in every direction when hit).
-1 campaign, with 3 level of difficulties and boss fights
-online scores, with replays
-awesome music

Donwload : http://www.filesonic.com/file/325056761

03-28-2011, 04:31 AM
Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Land in Rio

Just when you thought they couldn't get any angrier, the Angry Birds flock gains new cause for vengeance. Swept away by smugglers to Rio di Janeiro, their captors soon find out that these caged birds don't sing. It's time to bring back their unique brand of weaponry--the finger-powered slingshot--and launch the newest adventure in the world's most popular physics-based casual game.

In the original Angry Birds, this peace-loving flock was hoodwinked by greedy green pigs with a hunger for poached eggs. After the pigs stole their precious eggs, this flock was friendly no more: unleashing an arsenal of angry bird artillery, the avian army smashed through the green pigs and their hideouts. The world pulled the trigger with glee as these ornery birds made bacon out of swine.



Donwload : http://www.filesonic.com/file/375272844/AngryBirdsRio.apk

03-28-2011, 05:23 AM
Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD v3.2.6
Requirements: Scroll down for compatible device(s)
Operating System: Android
Overview: Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man battles to save his beloved city! Spider-Man will need to use all of his great powers to save New York from the worst breakout of Super Villains the city has ever seen. Fight against time to stop the madness and mayhem created by the Super Villains who want to take over the city and disperse a poisonous virus! Spider-Man: Total Mayhem captures all the action, humor and fun of the Ultimate series in state-of-the-art gameplay and animations. Are you up for the challenge?



* Enjoy ultra dynamic gameplay with more than 20 fighting combos that take advantage of Spider-Man’s extraordinary agility and super powers.
* Find yourself in a pinch? Activate Spidey’s special attack, the Ultimate Web Combo to blast danger away!
* Face off against six of Spider-Man’s toughest enemies gathered in one game for unprecedented mayhem: Sandman, Rhino, Electro, Venom, Dr Octopus, and Green Goblin!
* A sleek graphic style with bold colors and impressive animations – including slow motion – brings the Ultimate Spider-Man universe alive in right your hands!
* Visit 12 levels in unique New York City locations as depicted in the comic book series. Battle from the rooftops to the subway and back again!
* Explore the city like Spider-Man! Cling to the walls and climb them and then jump, web sling or slide from rooftop to rooftop in memorable aerial sequences.
* Unlock the Black Suit, and revisit all levels using your new capacities powered by the mysterious Symbiote substance.

Supported Devices:
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Release info:
Gameloft DRM, please post in topic if this game worked or not if you own a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play device.
Cracked by Twingo
Retail supplied by Legion

Download Links/Instructions: Install apk file and use wifi to download data folder. When you run the game for the first time make sure internet is on!, or else this crack won't work, after the first run you can play as many times as you wan't in offline mode.

Download : http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/1WJBAFMG/Spider-Man_Total_Mayhem_HD_v3.x.x.rar_links

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ไม่มีเครื่องให้เล่นครับ T^T เลยไม่ได้ตาม

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD v3.3.9
Requirements: Info about supported devices is in the winrar file.
Operating System: Android 2.1 or higher
Overview: Get your adrenaline pumping for the newest edition of the Asphalt series. Discover 42 cars & bikes from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ducati and other world-class manufacturers. Build a collection in your 3D garage that you can explore using the touch screen, then tune your vehicle & customize it with decals before tearing up the streets of L.A., Tokyo, the Bahamas & other beautiful locations, each rendered in HD. You’ll be driving against tough opponents in 11 different leagues with 55 events plus Online/Local Multiplayer for up to 6 players.


42 models from the most prestigious manufacturers (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and more)
Online/Local Multiplayer mode for up to 6 players
12 tracks, from L.A. to Tokyo and more, with HD graphics
An immersive Career mode with 11 different leagues and 55 events
Amazing number of tuning options for each model (decals, rims, boosts, and more)

Supported Devices:
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Release info:
Gameloft DRM, please post in topic if this game worked or not if you own a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play device.
Cracked by Twingo
Retail supplied by Legion

People who blocked the gameloft ip in the hosts file need to remove it, all cracks can be played online without blocking their ip(s).

Download Links/Instructions: Install apk file and use wifi to download data folder. When you run the game for the first time make sure internet is on!, or else this crack won't work, after the first run you can play as many times as you wan't in offline mode.


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Galaxy on Fire 2™ v1.0.4

Requirements: ANDROID: 2.3 and up
Overview: A galactic Xperia™ PLAY-optimized trek of space battles, weird aliens & romance!



Catapulted into a war-torn future, eminent space adventurer Keith T. Maxwell finds the galaxy at the mercy of a powerful alien race. Uncovering the truth about this dangerous species, he boldly takes the fight to their doorstep. Join Keith in an intergalactic trek of exploration, pirates, space battles, weird aliens and romance.

After battling the Vossk in Galaxy on Fire 3D, a hyperdrive malfunction sends Keith T. Maxwell through space and time; awakening 35-years later at the far end of the galaxy, where a strange alien species is wreaking destructive havoc on the warring races occupying this volatile sector of space.
Despite his efforts to return home, Keith is drawn into a plot to investigate and stop this alien menace. Along the way he must fight, trade, explore and negotiate as he uncovers the truth about this powerful enemy, and ultimately find his way home.
Old friends and new enemies join forces as Keith takes command of a dangerous, intergalactic mission to fly deep into enemy space and bring the war to an explosive conclusion.

Featuring a living galaxy with over 20 inhabited solar systems and 100 space stations, Galaxy on Fire 2 allows you to travel using hyperspace and wormholes to visit the far reaches of this fully 3D, war-torn galaxy.
Follow the rich and engrossing storyline for over 10-hours of action-packed gameplay, or head off at any time on an interplanetary journey of your own design; mining asteroids, trading ore and supplies, taking on mercenary missions, working as a pirate and manufacturing new weapons and equipment.
Buy and customize more than 30 different types of space ship to aid you in a variety of heart-pounding missions, including escorting convoys under pirate attack, capturing intergalactic criminals, rescuing alien VIPs, transporting valuable goods between systems, commanding mercenaries on dangerous tactical assignment, and recovering alien technology from distant parts of the galaxy.

• High quality Xperia™ PLAY-optimized visuals and gameplay
• Full (English) voice acting and 3D sound
• A living galaxy with 20+ solar systems, 100+ unique 3D space stations and 30+ customizable ships
• Unique reputation and diplomacy system
• Story-based, mission-based and free gameplay
• Complex trading system with 170+ different commodities
• Action Freeze™: 3D screenshot tool to save screenshots from any perspective and upload them to Facebook™

Cracked by Twingo.

Download :


SD Card Files


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Dungeon Hunter 2 HD v1.0.2
Requirements: Android
Overview: The epic tale of Dungeon Hunter continues.


Opening a wide new world for you to explore and conquer in this thrilling action RPG. Journey back to Gothicus, 25 years after the events of the first game, as the son of the immortal king. Uncover the mystery of the plot against your kingdom as you hack your way through larger dungeons and more ferocious monsters than ever before. But a hero is only as strong as the warriors by his side: team up with up to 3 fellow hunters and rise through the online leaderboards. Together, there’s no dungeon you can’t clear!
Enter Gothicus' dark fantasy atmosphere with high-definition graphics, optimized for your HD screen.
Addictive hack 'n slash gameplay from the original but with more finely tuned controls & save system.
An open world 5 times bigger than before with more enemies, more quests and more hours of enjoyment.

Install apk file and use wifi to download data folder (or use one posted on the forum). When you run the game for the first time make sure internet is on!, or else this game won't work (people who bought it need to do the same), after the first run you can play as many times as you wan't in offline mode. People who blocked the gameloft ip in the hosts file need to remove it !!!!!! all cracks from me can be played online without blocking it.

Download :

SD Location : /SDCard/Gameloft/Games/
Cache Samsung Galaxy S or ARM Cortex Phone

Cache HTC Desire or Desire Z + Other Snapdragon Processor